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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Golden Ticket Tour Dates

Feb. 5-6
QED Conference: Host/MC

Feb. 5th
Evening performance at QED

Feb. 8
Sheffield, UK
The Plug, 14-16 Matilda Street – 7:30 pm [doors open]
Box Office: 0114 241 3040
Sponsored by Sheffield Skeptics in the Pub
Sheffield Skeptic in the Pub on facebook

Feb. 9
Surrey, UK
Wates House on the University of Surrey Campus
5:30pm - 7:00 pm

Sponsored by the University of Surrey Skeptic & Atheist Society
Special guest performances by Carmen d'Cruz and Milton Mermikides

Feb. 10
London, UK

Feb. 12
Dublin, Ireland
Exchange Dublin
Exchange Street Upper, Temple Bar – 8:00 pm

Sponsored by Skeptic Ireland, Atheist Ireland and Occam's Barbershop
This might be live-streamed GMT. Stay tuned for details. Ms. Information will most likely tweet this news as it's known.

Feb. 14
Lund, Sweden
Gloria's Sports Bar – 7:00 pm

Feb. 15
Gothenburg, Sweden
Henriksberg – 7:00 pm

Oslo, Norway
CafĂ© Mir – 6 to 11 pm
Toftesgate 69
Sponsored by Oslo Skeptics in the Pub

Feb. 17
Stockholm, Sweden
Big Ben – 7:00 pm

Feb. 18
Helsinki, Finland
Black Door – 8:00 pm

As we have updates, we will amend this tour list. If you have any information on any of these dates, please post in the comments
or email Ms. Information.

See you on the tour!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recent Geo Web Slinging

Just in case you missed any of 'em...

Here are a number of recent interviews/appearances I've made on the Interwebs.

Episode 8 of the very fun skeptical panel show. Other guests include Ash Pryce, Brian Thompson, and Dr.T. Hosted by Andy Wilson.

Scopes Monkey Choir
This is a fun podcast about music & reason. Great hosts, and they talk about crumhorns. What's not to love?

Dimland Radio
A two part interview with fellow critical thinker Jim Fitzsimons.

Sharon Hill has a lovely, lengthy chat with the one and only Ms.Information.

A Swedish podcast with the coolest sounding first question I've ever had.

Skeptic Zone
I fill in as host and am interviewed by Maynard. Yes Maynard.

Pseudo Scientists
This is audio from the Styrofoam Tour stop that I performed in Melbourne. Nice Q&A.

Rational Capital
Here's a podcast from my friends in Canberra. They asked me to be on the panel while I was visiting their lovely city.

Occam's Barbershop
A radio interview with my friend Cian.

and as always, there's the weekly dose of Hrabian-Glory™ known as The Geologic Podcast.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Geologic Podcast Show #197

The Geologic Podcast Show 197

available HERE

The Show Notes:

More Oz thanks...

New Years Eve Cart


addicted to Ginger Beer

Goodbye Sammy

Fossil find

Interesting Fauna

  • Glowing Clusterwink Snail from Gary Lindross
  • Cacoxenus indagator from Jason Smith

Religious Moron of the Week

  • Hepatitis Wafer Handler from Ag Primatic

Things People LOVE that actually SUCK

  • The Blues

Ask George

  • Blue Man Group? from Jason Wagnon
  • Toms? from Ben in Bloomsburg
  • Jazz in NYC? from Chris Moore
  • Music tolerance? from Rick Sheppe
  • PFA accounting? from Chuck Patterson

Happy Birthday Sis-

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Don't Believe in Christmas

Here's a new tune for the holidays- Merry & Happy!

I Don’t Believe In Christmas

Every time this time of year

I weigh the way we spread good cheer

And wonder if it matters one bit

why we’re nicer, my advice sir-

enjoy what the day brings despite stories of kings

relish the things that you give and are given

Every time this time of year

I explain in ways plain and clear

to my relief I have no belief

in the reason for the season

but I’m one who defends if these means to these ends

result in smiling friends, who once were strangers

where’s the danger?

I don’t believe in Christmas

but I love it anyway

Every time this time of year

I voice a voice some don’t hold dear

and proudly shout despite my doubt

“seasons greetings” at family meetings

and I still can enjoy like when I was a boy

unwrapping every toy that I get, and each one I’m giving

this is living

I don’t believe in Christmas

but I love it anyway

The best of intentions never equal the gifts that you got

with a season so perfect I’ll forgive that its reason is not

Every time this time of year

I love the love both far and near

and wonder if it matters one bit

why we’re nicer.